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5 Reasons Why TikTok Ads Rock for eCommerce

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With over 800 million active monthly users, businesses simply can’t ignore this social media powerhouse any longer.” — Tadas Deksnys, CEO at Billo

TikTok has created a completely new subculture of trending videos: from dance moves to recipes to lifehacks — you name it — there’s a hashtag for it on TikTok.

But there’s more to TikTok than the entertaining variety of organic user-generated videos— there’s still a massive opportunity for brands to easily capture users’ attention and authentically engage with them using TikTok ads.

If you’ve been on the fence about running TikTok ads, I’m here to show you why they’re important — and how they’re already producing outstanding results for brands across different industries.

Here are the five main reasons you should seriously consider running TikTok ads for your eCommerce business:

1. Audience: A Fast-Growing Regular User Base Comprised of Online Shoppers

At now over 800 million active monthly users (and counting) - it’s clear that TikTok is on track to dominating the social media market. Even more impressive, it took TikTok under three years to earn the same amount of monthly users that it took Instagram six years to gain.

Plus, the platform boasts an expansive variety of users, with the average users aged between 10-29, and an increasing number of adults downloading and using the app. This age demographic is generally the most comfortable with shopping online (and in many cases prefers it), so TikTok users are likely to have their credit card details already stored in their phones.

2. Relevance: Algorithm & Frequency of Trending Topics Encourages Frequent Use

The app’s virality and frequency of use are co-created by both the platform and its content creators.

On the one hand, the company regularly updates the app’s algorithms to provide each user with the most relevant content they’re likely to enjoy, based on what they’ve previously liked and saved (much like Instagram, but in a more personal way).

On the other hand, content creators prioritize post quantity versus creating a “perfect few”, creating a consistent stream of fresh content that reflects current trends, interests, and viral topics.

This combination of feed personalization and the frequency of relevant posts lends to the app’s addictive quality and ensures that users are habitually engaged with the platform.

With TikTok providing an addictively consistent form of entertainment (especially during our stay-at-home months), many users have becoming accustomed to using it regularly, often checking the app multiple times a day. This provides an opportunity for messaging frequency from a brand perspective.

TikTok is also seen more as a source of entertainment rather than lifestyle content (see: Instagram) - where the most liked videos usually hold comedic value rather than informative or professional. This adds to the sense of authenticity — when content is less curated, it feels more real.

3. Ease: Format and Casual Feel Present Low Barrier to Advertisers

The TikTok app is fairly easy for creators to use. While there are endless options for filters, themes, hashtags, challenges, audio pairings, and more — some of the most popular viral videos are just simple recordings of one user’s comedic commentary.

The popularity of straightforward recording options and the general ‘laid-back’ and ‘casual’ feel of the app make for an accessible ad production experience for brands looking to express themselves. Brands benefit from the lower cost and quicker time to market encouraged by the less commercialized form of advertising popular on the platform.

4. Authenticity: Opportunity to Leverage User Content to Build Trust

These days, audiences crave authenticity; people trust other people over “big” or “corporate” companies that may have an alternative agenda. Enter UGC (user-generated content)- one of the most popular styles of videos on social media in which the creative content is generated by a person rather than a brand.

The popularity of UGC translates into an opportunity for brands to demonstrate the value of their offerings through (mostly or seemingly) real customers and reviews. Repurposing UGC content is not only resourceful and efficient but is a budget-friendly way for smaller, upcoming companies to create buzz and awareness around their brands.

TikTok’s still-novice feel and nature allow the platform to feel more raw and real — hence more trustworthy. This “authentic” marketing feel is especially vital as studies show younger audiences, especially Gen Z’ers, prefer companies that are socially and environmentally responsible.

In contrast, Instagram is nowadays seen as being “curated,” “edited,” and “well-polished.” Many creators use it to showcase their proudest moments or “best selves.”

5. Accessibility: TikTok Influencers are More Approachable and Accessible to Brands

TikTok has introduced a new type of celebrity— “TikTok Famous” content creators, influencers, and even just “regular” people who happen to make viral videos hold quite the clout on the platform.

In this context, TikTok influencers are much easier for brands to access compared to celebrities or even major influencers. Where in the past, big companies paired with big names to spread the word about their brands, brands can now reach relevant audiences with more accessible (and budget-friendly) micro-influencers. Because TikTok is still rather fresh, it’s not difficult to get in touch with a relevant influencer through a simple DM.

This also creates an opportunity for the brand to speak to audiences through more relatable sources — for example, teenagers are much more likely to identify with a TikTok influencer making a video out of their bedroom than with a celebrity video.

Did these five reasons get you excited to try TikTok ads for your eCommerce business? The great news for brands and advertisers is that the opportunities for ads and sponsorships on TikTok are just getting started.

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